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Our Caring Staff




Lisa has been working at Northside Veterinary Clinic since March 2004. She and her husband, Bobby, have a chocolate lab Coco, as well as 4 cats- Beau Beau, Graycie, Stevie Nix and Crash Bandicute. They enjoy boating, gardening, watching movies, and walks with their dogs. 



Stefanie began working at Northside in May 2015 and has been in the veterinary field since 1998. She is currently pursuing her veterinary technician degree and veterinary practice management certification. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from the University of Florida. Following her graduation, she did research with puppies and tortoises at the university as well as worked as a technician in their ICU/Recovery unit until her transition back into private practice. She has 2 dogs named Oscar Guiness and Rey, a Siamese named Johnnie Walker and a Ragdoll named Seagraham.



Michelle joined the Northside family in July of 2017. Michelle has been working in the veterinary field as a technician since 2012. She and her husband have 2 dogs dog named Cash and Junebug, and 5 cats named Benjamin Buttons, Albus Dumbledor, Ollivander (Ollie for short), Sybill and Sprout.




Jess started working at Northside in March 2016. She and her husband Aaron have 2 sons, Brayden and Callen, a black lab named Coal, a yellow lab named Ariel, and a grey cat named Irma.


Sara, CVT


Sara joined the Northside family in May 2017.  She graduated May 2017 from Pensacola State College with Veterinary Technician degree.   She and her husband, Donovan along with their daughters, Abbilyn & Kate, and son, William, have 7 dogs Dalton, Ella, Emmitt, Emmilou, Kloe, Kodi and Tobi.  They also have 3 cats named Lilly, Marshmellow, and Conrad, as well as a few horses, a potbellied pig and a few Nigerian dwarf goats.




Carlina joined the Northside family in June 2021. She has 2 dogs, a Boston Terrier named Gus Gus and a miniature Dachshund named Daisy. When she's not at work, she enjoys playing video games, watching movies, reading and is just an overall huge nerd and culture buff!




Grace joined the Northside family in September 2021. She came from a little family owned clinic in Missouri. She has a little dachshund named Skippy Doo and a Newt named Fig.




Elysia joined the Northside family in October 2021. She came to us from a military Veterinary clinic in Japan! She has a pit/lab mix named Blitz and a Border Collie named Leia who came all the way from Yokosuka Japan with her. She is new to the field and always looking to grow and learn whatever she can to grow and blossom as a technician to provide the best care for you and your furry friend!




Chelsea joined the Northside family in November 2020. She has been in the veterinary field for 4 years. She currently has 3 dogs and 4 cats.




Valerie joined the Northside family in September 2021. She has 3 cats, Ginger, Ryuki and Friday and 1 bunny named Coco. She has always dreamed of working with animals.




Sabrina joined the Northside family in December 2021. She came to us from a veterinary surgery center. She has 2 huskies, Nanu and Nico. 




Paris joined the Northside family in July 2021. She originally found interest in being a veterinary technician while working at PAWS back in 2019. Paris has 2 dogs named Apollo and Yanni.




Emma joined the Northside family in 2020




Jesse joined the Northside family in January 2022. Jesse came to us from a veterinary emergency background. 




Bio coming soon.




Bio coming soon.


Klem is one of our good boys who lives outside the clinic. He loves most everyone, has the best purr box, loves sleeping on employee cars (or in them) and makes the best biscuits. Hims just the bestest boy there is!


Also known as Georgie, is our other good boy who lives outside the clinic, but he can be a turd. He won't let you get too close, but when he does, he too also has a great purr box. He also loves sleeping on employees cars (or in them) and he loves for you to love him from afar. He'll even make biscuits for you.




Our sweet Maggie, may she rest in peace.



Our wonderful Schmoozie, may he rest in peace.